We are Context Leap.

What gets us up in the morning is helping people find their brilliance and create amazing lives at work.



We’re committed to advancing the creative and empathetic powers of people and organizations. We believe that modern organizations have an imperative to transform the way they work to recognize people, sustainability and the environment, and profitability that’s shared.

To us, it’s not about business as usual anymore.

who we are.

Our team is a small but thoughtful group of multidisciplinary people: designers and researchers, organizational experts, strategists, coaches and facilitators.

Each team member brings their own unique kaleidoscope of experiences from diverse origin stories, multicultural identities and influences, courage to challenge the status quo, and the some of the best nerdery you’ll ever find.

where we work.

We encourage a remote “be where you need to be” work culture. Most of our team calls San Francisco home, but our collaborations span the world.


There’s a few things that we need when we work: people-first, continuous learning, time and space for deep thoughts, trust, boldness and bravery, and strong bonds.

Context Leap was founded in 2018 in San Francisco, California.


Melissa Hui is a former strategy consultant on a mission to help teams create new conversations and practices to create amazing team dynamics and culture. She brings 14+ years of experience in the tech sector and past work with global brands like Google, Adobe, VMware, Cisco, Microsoft, Capgemini and Singularity University.