Context Leap

Discover New Possibles.

Have a big strategic initiative coming up? Getting ready to grow and scale your team? Looking to boost your team’s innovation skills and know-how? Not sure how to tackle a design thinking or customer experience program?

Let us share our experience and help with the heavy lifting. We’ll partner with you to strategize, plan, and find answers and insights for all of the important challenges that you’re taking on.

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PEOPLE & CULTURE Development

Through our People & Culture Development practice, we’ll work with you to help craft teams and work cultures that are resilient, empowered, brilliant and bold. From addressing challenges and change, to building stronger bonds, we’ll help you understand your team and give them the best chance at success.

Employee Experience

People are your greatest asset and best investment, and they’ll remember how you made them feel at each point in their journey with you. Our Employee Experience practice will support your People and HR teams in gaining insights and reimagining what’s important from ‘hello’ to ‘thank you alumni’.

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Innovation & Design

Innovation should be inspired at all levels. With Innovation & Design, we’ll share our own expertise and journeys in product and service design and entrepreneurship, and help you build strategic programs, learning experiences, and opportunities to engage your people in creating new value.


Cultivating skills for every new journey.

Designing for Team & Personal Culture Workshop

Creating great teams and work takes intention and commitments.

Exceptional teams know themselves. Set a priority to get to know your team, their journeys, values, strengths and unique individual culture and identities. This 2-day workshop will help you all get on the same page about why you’re a part of this team and connect you to how you can best get results together.