Designing for Team & Personal Culture

We talk about building great products and services, but what about building great teams and cultures?

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About the Workshop

Creating great teams and work takes intention and commitments. Exceptional teams know themselves. Set a priority to get to know your team, their journeys, values, strengths and unique individual culture and identities. This 2-day workshop will help you all get on the same page about why you’re a part of this team and connect you to how you can best get results together.

Duration: 2 Days

Price: $$, Custom pricing dependent on team size and needs*

*Interested in becoming an early preview tester team? Discounts and special pricing are provided for tester teams, larger teams (20+ people) and multi-team organizations.

Over two days, you’ll discover who your team is (individually and collectively) and how culture shows up for your team:

  • Explore why your team exists and what you’ve been tasked to accomplish

  • Identify and map what inhibits and enables your team (and other teams like yours)

  • Share and understand the stories, superpowers, values and identity that each person brings to the team

  • Discuss how to give and receive feedback, and how to support each other in learning and growth

  • Craft a shared modus operandi and ethos — and establish new commitments together

What You’ll Experience

Who Should Attend

We’ll learn new concepts in personal and team culture and health through the following activities and more:

  • Folklore and Myths Map to explore the team’s history, context and challenges 

  • Personal Manual to share the stories and the care and keeping of your fellow team members

  • Team Culture Map to visualize the team’s superpowers, values, and rituals

  • Joy Kit to create practices and tools for support and energizing

  • Rituals Design to apply new understanding to new culture

  • Working On to invite commitment to growth and gratitude

You’ll also receive:

  • Pre-workshop Culture Assessment

  • Post-workshop Team Report

  • Office Hours, as needed

Options for a team dinner or happy hour at the end of Day 1 or Day 2 are available. Breakfast, lunch, and snacks will be provided. Dietary restrictions or food allergies will be accommodated.

This workshop is designed with the following teams in mind:

  • Cross-functional or Cross-cultural

  • Development & Engineering

  • Product Management

  • Design (e.g. User Experience, Content Strategy, Research, Interaction, Visual, Brand, etc)

  • Sales & Customer Success

  • Human Resources / People Operations

  • Agile or Scrum

  • Early Stage Startups

  • Growth Stage Startups

  • Managers of Managers or Senior Leadership

Workshop content customization is available based on your team’s unique focus or specialization. Detailed schedules and information will be provided to participants before the workshop.

Cancellation Policy

We know that your team’s plans may change. If you need to cancel or move your workshop, our team will work with you to accommodate your request. This policy is subject to change.



About the Workshop Designer: Melissa Hui is a former strategy consultant on a mission to help teams create new conversations and practices to enable amazing team dynamics and culture. She brings 14+ years of experience in the tech sector and past strategy, insights and digital transformation work with global brands like Google, Adobe, VMware, Cisco, Microsoft, Capgemini and Singularity University.



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