Start with intentional culture.

You can’t prescribe culture, but you can be intentional about what behaviors, beliefs, and personalities you invite into your organization. At Context Leap, we use design and interdisciplinary social sciences to see your culture as the amazing visible and invisible dynamics between people and values.

From the structure of the organization to the new hires that are selected, your organization has an identity all its own waiting to be discovered.  We work with companies to explore what makes them unique and how culture shows up for them — and to bring clarity to the elements that create conditions for an amazing culture to emerge.


Culture Assessment & Insights

Reveal what makes you extraordinary. Explore the unique culture that your team or organization have created, identify the values and ways of working that have gotten you to where you are now, and start to influence new culture that will help you get to where you want to go into the future.

  • Organizational Ethnography & Assessments

  • Organizational Dynamics & Behavior


Make time to be together. Clear time and space for your team to connect and to reestablish bonds, understanding, and creative energy. With new shared experiences, your team can return to their work with more awareness and appreciation for each other and the work they do together.

  • Offsites and Retreats

  • Workshops

Workshops & Design Sprints

Find a new path or perspective. Explore team and organizational challenges that require a little extra attention and an empathy boost. From cultural sprints to specialized workshops, our team will help you design a team learning and working experience that best supports you and your big picture objectives and goals.

Learning & Development + Coaching

Embolden your talent’s curiosity. With custom curriculum and program design, break free from the constraints of the classroom and training modules to create beautiful, experiential learning experiences for your teams and leaders.


Getting to great culture.

Ready to leverage new ideas and approaches? Let’s prepare your organization to bring their brilliance to work.